United States: New Hampshire: Bartlett Experimental Forest

Latitude: 44.0646
Longitude: -71.2881

Bartlett Experimental Forest Phenocam 2015-04-22
Bartlett Experimental Forest Phenocam 2015-04-22

  • Network: AmeriFlux
  • Principal investigator: Andrew Richardson
  • PI-affiliated institution: Harvard University
  • Primary IGBP ecosystem type: Deciduous Broadleaf Forests
  • Dominant plant functional type: Deciduous Broadleaf trees
  • Recent and historic disturbance and management events that may affect this site:
    • Undisturbed: No disturbance or management has occurred on the site
  • Flux data collection:
    • Start date: May 2004
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Flux methods:
    • Chambers
    • Eddy Covariance
  • Optical data collection:
    • Start date: May 2004
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Data collection period: Continuous operation: Variable collected continuously with the reported method.
  • Data scale: Canopy, Stand
  • Collection methods: Manual, Tower
  • Types of data collected: Eddy covariance, ecosystem-scale chamber gas exchange, micrometeorological data, various airborne and spaceborne platforms, canopy reflectance, canopy structure; FPAR; species composition, webcam (phenocam), GPP
  • Publications:
    • Hilton TW, DAVIS KJ, Keller K. 2014. Evaluating terrestrial CO2 flux diagnoses and uncertainties from a simple land surface model and its residuals. Biogeosciences. 11(2):217-235.
    • Stoy PC, Trowbridge AM, Bauerle WL. 2014. Controls on seasonal patterns of maximum ecosystem carbon uptake and canopy-scale photosynthetic light response: contributions from both temperature and photoperiod. Photosynthesis Research. 119(1-2):49-64.
    • Ryu Y, Baldocchi DD, BLACK ANDREWT, Detto M, LAW BEVERLYE, Leuning R, Miyata A, Reichstein M, Vargas R, Ammann C et al.. 2012. On the temporal upscaling of evapotranspiration from instantaneous remote sensing measurements to 8-day mean daily-sums. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 152:212-222.
    • Horn JE, Schulz K. 2011. Identification of a general light use efficiency model for gross primary production. Biogeosciences. 8(4):999-1021.

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