Canada: Northwest Territories: Daring Lake

Latitude: 64.866820
Longitude: -111.573592

Daring Lake Station
Daring Lake Station

  • Network: AmeriFlux
  • Principal investigator: Peter Lafleur
  • PI-affiliated institution: Trent University
  • Primary IGBP ecosystem type: Open Shrublands
  • Dominant plant functional type: Shrubs
  • Recent and historic disturbance and management events that may affect this site:
    • Temperature extreme: Heat wave or freeze
  • Flux data collection:
    • Start date: July 2008
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Flux methods:
    • Chambers
    • Eddy covariance
  • Optical data collection:
    • Start date: July 2008
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Data scale: Leaf, Stand
  • Sampling platform(s): Tower
  • Types of data collected: PAR, PYR
  • Publications:
    • Lafleur PM, Humphreys ER. Spring warming and carbon dioxide exchange over low Arctic tundra in central Canada. Global Change Biology. 2008 Apr;14(4):740-56.
    • Semenchuk PR, Christiansen CT, Grogan P, Elberling B, Cooper EJ. Long‐term experimentally deepened snow decreases growing‐season respiration in a low‐and high‐arctic tundra ecosystem. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 2016 May;121(5):1236-48.
    • Lafleur PM, Humphreys ER, St. Louis VL, Myklebust MC, Papakyriakou T, Poissant L, Barker JD, Pilote M, Swystun KA. Variation in peak growing season net ecosystem production across the Canadian Arctic. Environmental science & technology. 2012 Aug 7;46(15):7971-7.
    • Luus KA, Kelly RE, Lin JC, Humphreys ER, Lafleur PM, Oechel WC. Modeling the influence of snow cover on low Arctic net ecosystem exchange. Environmental Research Letters. 2013 Sep 11;8(3):035045.

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