SpecNet - Linking optical measurements with flux sampling around the world.


Since 2003, SpecNet has provided a collaborative matrix to scientists interested in partnering optical sampling with flux measurements. Our e-group is administered by Yahoo Groups. Membership is free and open to the public. Posts are not moderated.

To join us, go to YahooGroups. If you are already a member of a YahooGroups mailing list, you need only log-in and join our list by searching for "SpecNet," and selecting the "join" option when the SpecNet page pops up. If you are NOT yet an YahooGroup member, first follow the steps for joining YahooGroups (it's free), and then perform a search for "SpecNet." Select the group, "SpecNet: adding spectral measurements to flux tower data," and click the "join" option. You can choose to receive e-mails individually to your mailbox, in daily digest format, or by viewing on the web only (no e-mails will be sent).

Already part of the e-group? Simply click here to send a message to [email protected].

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