SpecNet Fall Meeting 2022 Registration

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SpecNet will host a virtual meeting on October 27, 2022. The meeting will be one half day. This year’s Fall SpecNet Community Meeting will focus on linking proximal optical or thermal measurements to ecosystem fluxes, and the challenges and opportunities of these types of measurements.

A schedule is provided below the registration form.


    Abstract deadline has closed. For any outstanding issues, questions or requests regarding presentations, please contact [email protected].

    Presentations are tentatively as follows (Times below in Eastern Time (US) (UTC-4)):

      Intro & Announcements - Fred Huemmrich Topic
    12:00 Fred Huemmrich Welcome
    12:05 John Gamon SpecNet Introduction & history
    12:15 Troy Magney Future plans: SpecNet & AmeriFlux Year of Remote Sensing
    12:30 Zoe Pierrat Announcement: Workshop, summer 2023 (linking optical and energy fluxes)
      Short 10-min talks - John Gamon  
    12:35 Short talk 1 - Claudio Silva Seasonal trends of the herbaceous layer of a Mediterranean oak woodland retrieved from optical in-situ and satellite observations
    12:50 Short talk 2 - Jon Atherton Introduction to multiscale Hyytiälä campaign - summer 2024
    13:05 Short talk 3 - Erica Orcutt Linking Flux Towers to Remote Sensing Using Footprints in Fine-Scaled Heterogeneous Ecosystems: Does Spatial Representation Matter?
    13:20 Short talk 4 - Nidhi Vinod Water status and ecosystem function of California native oaks vary with topography and microclimate.
    13:35 Short talk 5 - Rebeca Campos Using SIF, PRI, and CCI to detect spring activation in boreal conifers
    13:50 Short talk 6 - Rui Cheng Evaluating photosynthetic activity across Arctic-Boreal land cover types using solar-induced fluorescence
    14:05 Break  
      Long 20-min talks - Troy Magney  
    14:15 Long talk 1 - Michal Antala [Peatlands research]
    14:40 Long talk 2 - Xi Yang On the integration of plant structural and physiological measurements for understanding ecological processes
    15:05 Long talk 3 - Will Woodgate [Research from Tumbarumba]
      Discussion Sessions - Loren Albert  
    15:30 Discussion session SpecNet & AmeriFlux Year of Remote Sensing
    15:55 Wrap Up  

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