SpecNet - Linking optical measurements with flux sampling around the world.

Country Site Name Ecosystem Type Principle Investigator Flux Startdate Flux Enddate Optical Startdate Optical Enddate Datasets Uploaded Flux Datalink
AustraliaTumbarumbaEvergreen Broadleaf ForestsWilliam Woodgate2000-03 Ongoing 2002-06 Ongoing 0 Available
BrazilSantarem-Km67-Primary ForestEvergreen Broadleaf ForestsAlfredo Huete2008-08 Ongoing 2015-01 Ongoing 0 Available
CanadaBritish Columbia- Campbell River - Clearcut SiteEvergreen Needleleaf ForestsNicholas Coops2000-08 Ongoing 2006-01 Ongoing 0 Available
CanadaChurchill FenEutrophic Fen Mario Tenuta2005-012008-042005-01 Ongoing 2
CanadaDaring LakeOpen ShrublandsPeter Lafleur2008-07 Ongoing 2008-07 Ongoing 0
CanadaEdmonton Agricultural Fields - Alfalfa Field Phenology Station and TramCroplandsJohn Gamon2011-042013-102011-04 Ongoing 0
CanadaEdmonton Agricultural Fields - Barley StationCroplandsJohn Gamon2011-052013-102011-04 Ongoing 0
CanadaLethbridgeGrasslandsLarry Flanagan 1998-04 Ongoing 2008-04 Ongoing 0 Available
CanadaSask.- SSA Old AspenMixed ForestsThomas Hilker1996-04 Ongoing 2000-07 Ongoing 0 Available
CanadaWestern Peatland- LaBiche-Black Spruce/Larch FenMixed ForestsLarry Flanagan2003-082009-082003-09 Ongoing 0 Available
ChinaChina: JurongCroplandsWeimin Weimin Ju2015-06 Ongoing 2015-09 Ongoing 0
Costa RicaLos InocentesEvergreen Broadleaf ForestsArturo Sanchez-Azofeifa2005-01 Ongoing 2002-04 Ongoing 0
Costa RicaSanta Rosa/Palo VerdeCropland/Natural Vegetation MosaicsArturo Sanchez-Azofeifa2005-04 Ongoing 2002-01 Ongoing 0
FinlandHyytialaEvergreen Needleleaf ForestsAlbert Porcar-Castell1996-04 Ongoing 2002-02 Ongoing 0 Available
FranceFontainebleau-BarbeauDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsKamel Soudani2005-03 Ongoing 2005-03 Ongoing 0 Available
FranceO3HP - Oak Observatory at the OHPDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsLuc Arnold2014-07 Ongoing 2015-07 Ongoing 0 Available
GreenlandThuleSnow and IceHeidi Steltzer1999-071999-092004-06 Ongoing 0
GreenlandZackenbergSnow and IceGus Shaver2007-042015-092006-07 Ongoing 0
ItalyMonte BondoneMixed ForestsAlessandro Cescatti2002-04 Ongoing 2015-05 Ongoing 0
ItalyTorgnon (IT-Tor)GrasslandsMarta Galvagno2008-04 Ongoing 2011-04 Ongoing 0 Available
ItalyTorgnon-2 (IT-TrF)Deciduous Needleleaf ForestsMarta Galvagno2010-01 Ongoing 2012-05 Ongoing 0
JapanNaeba MountainsDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsYoshitaka Kakubari2003-04 Ongoing 2003-04 Ongoing 0
MexicoChamela Biological StationDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsArturo Sanchez-Azofeifa2005-04 Ongoing 2003-09 Ongoing 0 Available
MexicoLa PazOpen ShrublandsSteven Hastings2000-04 Ongoing 2002-07 Ongoing 0 Available
NorwayAdventdalen/SvalbardSnow and IceGus Shaver2003-042009-092006-07 Ongoing 0 Available
PortugalPortugal: CorucheWoody SavannasSofia Cerasoli2009-12 Ongoing 2015-07 Ongoing 0
SenegalDahraSavannasTorbern Tagesson2010-08 Ongoing 2011-07 Ongoing 1Available
SpainAguamargaGrasslandsCecilio Oyonarte2006-06 Ongoing 2013-03 Ongoing 0
SpainGarrafOpen ShrublandsJosep Penuelas2001-042003-092001-04 Ongoing 1
SwedenAbiskoWoody SavannasGus Shaver2005-04 Ongoing 2004-07 Ongoing 0
SwedenAbisko delta ForestDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsLars Eklundh2009-07 Ongoing 2009-07 Ongoing 0
SwedenAbisko Stordalen mireSub-arctic mire Lars Eklundh2009-10 Ongoing 2009-10 Ongoing 0
SwedenFajemyr (NECC)GrasslandsLars Eklundh2005-10 Ongoing 2009-10 Ongoing 0
SwedenNorundaEvergreen Needleleaf ForestsLars Eklundh2005-04 Ongoing 2009-10 Ongoing 0
UKHarwood ForestEvergreen Needleleaf ForestsCaroline Nichol2003-07 Ongoing 2005-04 Ongoing 0
USAAlaska: Barrow BiocomplexitySnow and IceWalt Oechel2005-062007-092005-06 Ongoing 0
USAAlaska: Imnavait, NIMS transectSnow and IceSteven Oberbauer2010-01 Ongoing 2010-01 Ongoing 0 Available
USAAlaska: Toolik LakeSnow and IceGus Shaver2002-07 Ongoing 2003-07 Ongoing 0 Available
USAArizona: Lewis Springs MesquiteWoody SavannasTravis E. Huxman2002-06 Ongoing 2002-06 Ongoing 0
USAArizona: Lewis Springs SacatonGrasslandsTravis E. Huxman2002-06 Ongoing 2002-06 Ongoing 0
USACA - Vaira Ranch- IoneWoody SavannasDennis Baldocchi2000-04 Ongoing 2000-10 Ongoing 0 Available
USACalifornia: San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, Tower 1Closed ShrublandsMike Goulden1998-04 Ongoing 2003-04 Ongoing 0 Available
USACalifornia: San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, Tower 2Closed ShrublandsMike Goulden2003-04 Ongoing 2003-07 Ongoing 0 Available
USACalifornia: Santa Margarita Ecological ReserveClosed ShrublandsJohn Gamon2000-04 Ongoing 2003-04 Ongoing 0
USAIL - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory- Batavia (Agricultural site)CroplandsYuki Hamada2008-03 Ongoing 2015-06 Ongoing 0 Available
USAIN - Morgan Monroe State ForestDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsFaiz Rahman1998-04 Ongoing 2002-04 Ongoing 0 Available
USAKansas: Rannells Flint Hills PrairieGrasslandsClenton Owensby1997-052013-101997-05 Ongoing 0
USANC - Duke Forest - loblolly pineMixed ForestsDavid Ellsworth 1997-04 Ongoing 2002-06 Ongoing 0 Available
USANC - Duke Forest-hardwoodsDeciduous Broadleaf ForestsDavid Ellsworth2000-04 Ongoing 2002-06 Ongoing 0 Available
USANE - Mead - irrigated continuous maize siteCroplandsAnatoly Gitelson2001-04 Ongoing 2001-06 Ongoing 0 Available
USANE - Mead - rainfed maize-soybean rotation siteCroplandsElizabeth Walter-Shea2001-06 Ongoing 2003-05 Ongoing 0 Available
USANevada: Mojave Global Change FacilityBarren or Sparse VegetationLynn Fenstermaker1997-042007-061997-04 Ongoing 0 Available
USANevada: Nevada Desert Face FacilityBarren or Sparse VegetationLynn Fenstermaker1997-042007-061997-04 Ongoing 0 Available
USANH - Bartlett Experimental ForestEvergreen Broadleaf ForestsAndrew Richardson2003-12 Ongoing 2015-05 Ongoing 0 Available
USAUS-StJPermanent WetlandsRodrigo Vargas2015-01 Ongoing 2015-01 Ongoing 0