Greenland: Zackenberg

Latitude: 74.783333
Longitude: -20.933333

Zackenberg Tower
A curious polar bear investigates an instrument tower on sea-ice. Photo: Jakob
Zackenberg Tower
Zackenberg Tower

  • Network: Unaffiliated
  • Principal investigator: Gus Shaver
  • PI-affiliated institution: The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
  • Primary IGBP ecosystem type: Snow and Ice
  • Dominant plant functional type: Snow and Ice
  • Recent and historic disturbance and management events that may affect this site:
    • Temperature extreme: Heat wave or freeze
  • Flux data collection:
    • Start date: April 2007
    • End date: September 2015
  • Flux methods:
    • Eddy covariance
  • Optical data collection:
    • Start date: July 2006
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Data collection period: Intermittent: Variable collected intermittently with the reported method; Periodic operation: Variable collected part of the year with the reported method
  • Data scale: Stand
  • Collection methods: Tower
  • Types of data collected: NDVI, PAR, PYR, Optical sampling
  • Publications
    • Shaver G. ITEX circumarctic CO2 flux survey data from Toolik, Alaska; Abisko, Sweden; Svalbard, Norway; Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland; Anaktuvuk River Burn, Alaska and Barrow, Alaska 2003–2009. Long Term Ecological Research Network.
    • Callaghan TV, Björn LO, Chernov Y, Chapin T, Christensen TR, Huntley B, Ims RA, Johansson M, Jolly D, Jonasson S, Matveyeva N. Effects of changes in climate on landscape and regional processes, and feedbacks to the climate system. AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment. 2004 Nov;33(7):459-68
    • Christensen TR, Friborg T, Sommerkorn M, Kaplan J, Illeris L, Søgaard H, Nordstrøm C, Jonasson S. Trace gas exchange in a high‐Arctic valley: 1. Variationsin CO2 and CH4 Flux between tundra vegetation types. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 2000 Sep;14(3):701-13.
    • Hansen BU, Sigsgaard C, Rasmussen L, Cappelen J, Hinkler J, Mernild SH, Petersen D, Tamstorf MP, Rasch M, Hasholt B. Present-day climate at Zackenberg. Advances in ecological research. 2008 Jan 1;40:111-49.

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