Italy: Monte Bondone

Latitude: 46.015556
Longitude: 11.046667

Monte Bondone Sensors
(a) Eddy Covariance tower equipped with the ASD WhiteRef hyperspectral system; (b) WhiteRef box; (c) white reference panel during the measurements (the plastic pipe blowing compressed air is indicated by the white arrow), (d) wetness sensor

  • Network: CarboItaly (IT-FISR)
  • Principal investigator: Alessandro Cescatti
  • PI-affiliated institution: European Commission - DG Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability
  • Primary IGBP ecosystem type: Mixed Forests
  • Dominant plant functional type: Deciduous Broadleaf trees
  • Recent and historic disturbance and management events that may affect this site:
    • Agriculture: Agricultural management of any kind, such as cultivation (including tillage, plowing, or discing), harvest, irrigation, pesticides, planting, or liming.
  • Flux data collection:
    • Start date: April 2002
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Flux methods:
    • Eddy covariance
  • Optical data collection:
    • Start date: May 2015
    • End date: Ongoing
  • Data collection period: Continuous operation: Variable collected continuously with the reported method.
  • Data scale: Stand
  • Collection methods: Manual, Tower, Airborne,
  • Types of data collected: fAPAR, PAR, PYR, Optical sampling, Hydrological or water status (e.g. water content or water potential) information, Chlorophyll fluorescence, Species composition (Leaf pigment),
  • Publications
    • Balzarolo, Manuela, et al. "Ground-based optical measurements at European flux sites: a review of methods, instruments and current controversies." Sensors 11.8 (2011): 7954-7981.
    • Vescovo, Loris, et al. "New spectral vegetation indices based on the near-infrared shoulder wavelengths for remote detection of grassland phytomass." International journal of remote sensing 33.7 (2012): 2178-2195.
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    • Wißkirchen, K., et al. "Quantifying the carbon uptake by vegetation for Europe on a 1 km 2 resolution using a remote sensing driven vegetation model." Geoscientific Model Development 6.5 (2013): 1623-1640.

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