2021 SpecNet Community Meeting

SpecNet Fall Meeting

2021 SpecNet Fall Meeting

Fall 2021 SpecNet Community Meeting

October 29, 2021 12:00-4:00 EDT

Abstract submission deadline: October 16, 2021

SpecNet will host a half-day virtual meeting on October 29, 2021. Based on the expressed interests of SpecNet members, this year’s Fall SpecNet Community Meeting will focus on two areas: linking spectral measurements to ecosystem fluxes and scaling from ground measurements to satellites.

The meeting will consist of a combination of 10-minute short talks to briefly describe results from SpecNet-type studies, a limited number of slots for longer talks (20-minute) that go into more depth, and poster presentations. If you wish to make a presentation, please provide your preference of the type of presentation (short, long, or poster) and a brief abstract when registering.

SpecNet’s interests focus on the use of proximal remote sensing with its capacity for high spatial, temporal, and/or spectral observations for studying terrestrial ecosystems, so appropriate topics include using proximal observations to describe carbon, water, or energy fluxes at one or more sites or vegetation types, and the use of proximal observations as components of spatial or temporal scaling studies from leaf or small plot to larger time or space domains.

About SpecNet

SpecNet is a voluntary collaboration of investigators around the world who are combining proximal remote sensing approaches with flux and other field measurements. Typically, this involves field optical sampling that matches the spatial and temporal scale of flux measurements - providing a proxy measure of vegetation structural, physiological, and phenological properties, all of which provide indicators of ecosystem composition, function, and biosphere–atmosphere gas exchange. Ground-based optical sampling is particularly important in validating these relationships and adds to the value of field sampling networks and satellite/aircraft remote sensing studies.


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