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Fall 2022

Fall 2022 SpecNet Community Meeting October 27 & 28, 2022

SpecNet will host a virtual meeting on October 27 and 28, 2022. The meeting will be two half days. This year’s Fall SpecNet Community Meeting will focus on linking proximal optical or thermal measurements to ecosystem fluxes, and the challenges and opportunities of these types of measurements.

Presentations will focus on relating proximal spectral/thermal/solar induced fluorescence measurements to water, energy, or carbon fluxes from flux towers at one or more sites or vegetation types, and the use of proximal observations as components of spatial or temporal scaling studies of fluxes to larger time or space domains.

The meeting will consist of a combination of 10-minute short talks to briefly describe results and a limited number of slots for longer talks (20-minute) that go into more depth. There will also be breakout sessions for community discussions.

Fall SpecNet Community Meeting – Thursday October 27 and Friday October 28, 12:00-4:00 PM EDT

Registration is free at https://specnet.info/fall-meeting-registration-2022/

About SpecNet

SpecNet is a voluntary collaboration of investigators around the world who are combining proximal remote sensing approaches with flux and other field measurements.

Typically, this involves field optical sampling that matches the spatial and temporal scale of flux measurements - providing a proxy measure of vegetation structural, physiological, and phenological properties, all of which provide indicators of ecosystem composition, function, and biosphere–atmosphere gas exchange. Ground-based optical sampling is particularly important in validating these relationships and adds to the value of field sampling networks and satellite/aircraft remote sensing studies.

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The SpecNet Board:
Loren Albert
John Gamon
Yuki Hamada
Troy Magney
Donnette Thayer
Fred Huemmrich

Fall 2021

SpecNet Fall Meeting October 29, 2021

Host: Gilberto Zonta Pastorello

specnet fall meeting youtube

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Spring 2021

SpecNet Spring Meeting June 25, 2021

Host: Fred Hummerich


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