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SpecNet Toolkit

SpecNet is currently developing numerous data processing tools. Bookmark this page to keep up-to-date.



MultiSpec - Software for creating standardized reflectance files from a number of spectrometers (UniSpec, GER)

Select your version to download:

MultiSpec Version 4:
-This version has been extensively error checked.
-Output is in tab separated text files

MultiSpec Version 5:
-Based on version 4 with additional features provided by Stan Houston
-Output is in comma delimited text files (smaller file sizes)
-Indices can be calculated from previously processed reflectance files
-Dual Channel UniSpec data can be corrected without the need for an external program (i.e. excel)


MultiSpec manual for Dual Detector spectrometers (pdf)
MultiSpec manual for single detector spectrometers (pdf)
Readme File



TimeSat - Software by L. Eklundh for smoothing time-series data and extracting seasonality
Click here for further information regarding TimeSat.