Canada: Alberta: Western Peatland - LaBiche-Black Spruce/Larch Fen

Latitude: 54.953836
Longitude: -112.466977

Western Peatland view from tower
Western Peatland view from tower

  • Network: Fluxnet-Canada
  • Principal investigator: Larry Flanagan
  • PI-affiliated institution: University of Lethbridge
  • Primary IGBP ecosystem type: Mixed Forests
  • Dominant plant functional type: Evergreen Needleleaf trees
  • Recent and historic disturbance and management events that may affect this site:
    • Undisturbed: No disturbance or management has occurred on the site.
  • Flux data collection:
    • Start date: August 2003
    • End date: August 2009
  • Flux methods:
    • Eddy covariance
  • Optical data collection:
    • Start date: September 2003
    • End date: August 2009
  • Data collection period: Continuous operation: Variable collected continuously with the reported method.
  • Data scale: Stand
  • Collection methods: Tower
  • Types of data collected: PAR, PYR, Optical data

Flux data repository: